Sinn Fein MP should step back from pro-Putin propaganda

DUP MLA Gary Middleton has condemned comments from South Down MP Chris Hazzard and called on Sinn Fein to step back from such pro-Putin propaganda.

By Gary Middleton Candidate


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The Foyle MLA said,

"People right across the community in Northern Ireland have stood in solidarity with Ukraine. Unfortunately it isn't surprising to see Sinn Fein isolated and choosing the side of a dictator. They need to step back from spouting pro-Putin propaganda.

It is quite outrageous that when innocent people, including children as young as 7 are being killed as a result of Russia's actions that Chris Hazzard would seek to deflect from this.

There is a united stance across the west, including the United Kingdom and the European Union against Russia. It is absolutely right that the UK is providing assistance to help Ukraine defend itself against the invasion of a European country. Ukraine is attempting to join the European Union. Are Sinn Fein also opposed to Ukraine's efforts seeking immediate admission to the EU?"

Tweets from Chris Hazzard can be found here:

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