Sinn Fein challenged to demonstrate Platinum Jubilee respect

DUP MLA Diane Dodds has challenged Sinn Fein to demonstrate the respect they demand of others through celebration of next year's Platinum Jubilee.

By Diane Dodds MLA

Upper Bann

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During Questions to the Deputy First Minister in the Assembly the Upper Bann MLA asked Michelle O'Neill what steps she would take to ensure the milestone was marked by the Northern Ireland Executive.

Commenting afterwards Mrs Dodds said, "Her Majesty the Queens is someone admired and respected right across the community in Northern Ireland. It is right that this remarkable event and the Queen's long history of service to entire nation is recognised and celebrated here in Northern Ireland.

Sinn Fein will continue to be challenged to give practical demonstration to their respect rhetoric. Every initiative, no matter how minor, to mark the centenary of Northern Ireland has been snubbed or blocked by Michelle O'Neill's party. When they so often demand respect from others, there is a continuing challenge for Sinn Fein to demonstrate it to others.

Michelle O'Neill has given a commitment that she will engage in discussions about the establishment of a fund to see the Platinum Jubilee properly celebrated in Northern Ireland. We have heard words before from Sinn Fein about how much they value unionists, but their actions have never matched the rhetoric.

Instead of fairy tales about how valued unionists might be in some mythical future, it is time for Sinn Fein to demonstrate respect and tolerance in the here and now."

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