Government increases tax burden to pay for the BBC

DUP East Antrim MP and Treasury spokesman at Westminster Sammy Wilson has questioned the Government decision to burden people with yet another tax rise to fund the BBC.

By Sammy Wilson MP

East Antrim

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Mr Wilson said,

“Once again, this Government has caved-in because of establishment pressures rather than recognise the financial burdens on working families.

At a time when they promised to help with cost of living and millions never switch on the BBC in favour of streaming platforms, the Government is pummelling people with more taxes to fund a BBC that does not reflect their values or provide the entertainment that they seek.

The BBC has lost focus from its original purpose to educate, entertain and inform. This is a broadcaster that has been riddled with scandals in how the license fee has been spent, practically no longer denies having a left of centre bias and struggled to identify rapists, kidnappers, bombers and murderers as terrorists.

The licence fee is a highly regressive tax. It was a tax designed for a different era and world of communication and entertainment that no longer exists. The only fair way of financing this organisation is to leave it to individuals to decide if they want to give their money to a biased and out of date broadcasting corporation.”

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