Campbell - “What has BBC to hide behind Non Disclosures?”

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell today raised the use of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) by publicly-funded organisations in the House of Commons, asking the Government to ensure that these agreements, which seek to bind employees leaving an organisation from discussing aspects of their work or experience, are not used by those who are in receipt of large amounts of public money such as the BBC. 

By Gregory Campbell Candidate

East Londonderry

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Speaking afterwards Mr Campbell said:

“We have seen organisations, including the BBC, use NDAs and other similar agreements in the past. In some organisations we already know NDAs have been used to silence those who have experienced bullying or harassment in the workplace or to prevent whistleblowing on cover-ups or toxic organisational cultures.

Organisations that depend heavily on public funding, some running to billions of pounds in public subsidy, should present themselves for scrutiny with transparency. NDAs and similar arrangements have in the past been the tools by which inappropriate behaviour and toxic workplace cultures are cultivated and protected.”

Organisations like the BBC have a long history of using various forms of confidentiality agreements, and indeed in the past confidentiality payments, and that has been, inappropriate.

BBC NDAs should be scrapped. The Director General would then be demonstrating a real step change in BBC behaviour and culture.”

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