Any gangland influence on NI politics must be investigated

DUP East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson has said the Special Criminal Court trial in Dublin raises serious questions about gangs operating across Europe but there are also serious questions about Sinn Fein’s links to these gangs.

By Gavin Robinson MP

Belfast East

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Mr Robinson said,

“The outcome of the Special Criminal Court trial will be of interest to many but the evidence presented raises serious questions for Sinn Fein. Setting aside the issues before the Trial judge, we must ask why two gangsters, secretly recorded, were talking about Sinn Fein fundraising, helping Sinn Fein win elections, and setting up “hit squads”. This is incredible and needs properly investigated.

The secret police recordings played to the Court included allegations that Sinn Fein used the Hutch criminal gang for money and votes. Sinn Fein is not a normal political party. They don’t believe they are bound by the same rules and standards that they demand of everyone else. We will not be letting this issue be swept under the carpet. These allegations need a proper investigation and to that end our Party Leader has requested a meeting with the Chief Constable.

We all have a right to know whether gangland money is being used to influence politics in these islands and there must be full transparency.”

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