Lockhart - SF over ‘self-indulgent’ border poll comments

The DUP's agri-food Spokesperson in Westminster Carla Lockhart has said Sinn Fein should ‘grow up’ and respect the political neutrality of local farming organisations.

The Upper Bann MP made the call following comments by Sinn Fein MEP Chris MacManus, who urged farming organisations to enter the Sinn Fein controlled debate on a border poll.

By Carla Lockhart MP

Upper Bann

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Carla Lockhart said:

“Most farmers are more focused on the weather forecast, energy costs and feed costs, rather than Sinn Fein’s theoretical debate around a border poll.

It is self-indulgent and irresponsible for Sinn Fein to ask farming organisations to forgo their long-established political neutrality to engage in this divisive ‘campaign’.

Locally, the Ulster Farmers Union for example are highly respected across the political spectrum for their political neutrality. Inevitability, in organisations with memberships from all community and political backgrounds, engaging in such a divisive debate would destroy these organisations. Divisive politics is Sinn Fein’s forte, but they should not seek to breed such division where there is none.

I know that farming organisations will continue to focus on realities facing the industry, which is what their members want them to direct their energy towards.

If Sinn Fein believe that this is the best use of time at time when the industry on both sides of the border is facing a range of challenges, shared by those across the UK and EU, then they really are failing their constituents.”

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