Robinson – “Bertie Ahern should clarify and apologise”

The DUP’s East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson has called on former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern to apologise for demeaning comments about loyalists and East Belfast.

By Gavin Robinson MP

Belfast East

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Gavin Robinson said,

“To associate East Belfast with a ghetto and suggest loyalists are not able to understand the Protocol is demeaning and degrading.

People in my constituency who can’t get their Amazon parcels from another part of the United Kingdom well understand the impact of the Protocol.

Rather than belittling those who oppose the Protocol, Bertie Ahern should seek to understand why not a single elected unionist in Northern Ireland supports the Protocol.

As a man who was central to the Belfast Agreement being negotiated, Bertie should be honest in recognising that the Protocol does alter Northern Ireland’s status within the United Kingdom single market without any consent from people living here. Driving a coach and horses through the Belfast Agreement.”

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