Robinson - "the ball rests at the foot of the UKG"

DUP Deputy Leader Gavin Robinson MP has told party members and supporters in South Belfast that the ball rests at the foot of the UK Government in terms of the restoration of Stormont.

By Gavin Robinson Candidate

Belfast East

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Mr Robinson said,

“The Prime Minister visited Northern Ireland and made commitments during that visit which have never been made a reality. It’s time for delivery. The ball rests at the Government’s foot. A growing pile of broken promises by successive Prime Ministers is part of the problem as trust has been eroded.

This is also about respect and fairness.

Unionists are being asked to accept infrastructure between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom which nationalists would never have tolerated North-South. Indeed, we had too much respect for our nationalist neighbours to even ask them to accept such arrangements. Its notable that the Sinn Fein leadership had no such respect for unionists.

We need stable and sustainable devolved government. Northern Ireland is a divided society. We must get the foundations right. Progress is only made in Northern Ireland based on consensus. Unionists and Nationalists agreeing a way forward.”

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