“Current Protocol pain just the tip of the iceberg” - Dodds

Upper Bann MLA Diane Dodds has said the pain being inflicted upon the people of Northern Ireland as a result of the Northern Ireland Protocol, is just the tip of the iceberg.

By Diane Dodds MLA

Upper Bann

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Her remarks come after the publication of a report by the European Commission which highlights the true cost of the “rigorous implementation” of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Commenting on the report the Upper Bann MLA said.

"The Northern Ireland Protocol is the greatest threat to the political and economic stability of Northern Ireland. Every unionist party opposes the Irish Sea Border and experience of recent decades has shown that progress is only made when agreements command support of unionists and nationalists.

The Protocol is already costing our economy £2.5 million each and every day, vital funding which should be spent on reforming our health service, revolutionising our infrastructure and rebalancing our economy.

The report by the European Commission shows, that the worst is yet to come. If the Protocol cheerleaders had their way and their demand for “rigorous implementation” was acceded to, Northern Ireland and its people would suffer even further.

The £500 million Trader Support Schemes and the so-called grace periods have temporarily shielded Northern Ireland from the worst excesses of the Protocol. But these are all due to come to an end.

Fees for animals entering NI from GB, stops and searches upon passengers entering NI from GB, documentary and identity checks on pets entering NI from GB. All of these scandalous situations are demanded by the EU in their report.

Had the DUP not blocked the introduction of charges levied on businesses bringing goods from GB into Northern Ireland and prevented the construction of permanent inspection facilities, the cost of living crisis being experienced by families across Northern Ireland would have been exacerbated even further.

The current Protocol pain is just the tip of the iceberg and will continue to intensify if its “rigorous implementation” continues."

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