Buchanan condemns Strabane bomb

DUP West Tyrone MLA Tom Buchanan has spoken with police following the attempted murder of two police officers in Strabane with a bomb.

By Tom Buchanan MLA

West Tyrone

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Mr Buchanan said,

“I grew up with daily news reports of police officers being murdered. It was wrong then and it is wrong today.

Police officers have always stood on the front line to protect people and serve their community. There has never been any justification for the murder of police officers.

I condemn this murderous incident. I am glad the police officers have survived this attempt to take life. My thoughts are with them and their families. It is a shame that police patrolling Strabane do so always on guard due to republicans who want to kill them.

When political leaders talk about there having been “no alternative” to violence, then we should not be surprised when republicans in 2022 act in this way. There needs to be clear political leadership that violence is and always was wrong.”

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