Alliance Party dancing to SF’s tune – Brett

DUP North Belfast MLA Phillip Brett has challenged the Alliance Party over why they refused to participate in a recall of the NI Assembly for three years when Sinn Fein was protesting about the Irish language yet now they want an Executive without unionists.

By Phillip Brett MLA

Belfast North

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Mr Brett said,
“We want to see fully functioning devolved government, but we are facing an election because the Protocol has not been dealt with. Despite lengthy discussions, London and Brussels have so far failed to replace the Protocol with arrangements that Unionists can support. Devolution needs stable foundations with the support of unionists and nationalists.

When SF blocked devolution for three years, we sought to recall the Assembly, not only did the Alliance Party not support our recalls, but they also didn’t even turn up to the sittings.

The Alliance Party now tell us they want majority rule and a devolved government without unionists yet when Sinn Fein was blocking devolution, there was no such call.

Why the two-tier approach? Why is the Alliance Party dancing to Sinn Fein’s tune? One approach to the DUP and another approach to Sinn Fein. There were all kinds of pressures in hospitals and schools for those 1044 days, yet never once did the Alliance Party even attempt to stand up to Sinn Fein.”

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