Wilson - Who bears responsibility for PPS failures in veterans cases?

East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson said, "The announcement that two army veterans will now not face trial raises questions significant questions of the justice system.

By Sammy Wilson MP

East Antrim

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Despite 90% of deaths during the troubles being at the hands of terrorists, the focus of nearly all investigations is on the actions of the police and army. Not only that but we now know that a number of these cases were being taken forward with evidence that wouldn't stand up in court.

This process has had a significant cost to the public purse. The PPS took forward cases with evidence which was so unequivocally ruled out, and obviously bear responsibility for their failure. It would be useful to hear from the Justice Minster and whether she views the PPS pursuit of these cases and the use of this evidence as proportionate and justified.

It seems highly unlikely that a case would have proceeded to such lengths against a terrorist suspect yet in the pursuit of veterans no efforts were spared. It would be important to hear from the PPS, whenever all legal challenges have concluded, exactly why they were happy to proceed with evidence which they should have known would be inadmissible and who bears responsibility for that decision."

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