When will truth be told about human rights abuses of those on ‘active service’?

The DUP’s Legacy spokesperson Emma Little-Pengelly said,

By Emma Little-Pengelly MLA

Lagan Valley

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“Joe Clarke was buried with full IRA “honours”. Like Bobby Storey, in death it was confirmed that he was an IRA terrorist.

Whilst the courts were able to assess how Joe Clarke was treated by the Security Forces, no one will ever know or assess how Clarke treated IRA victims. When will the truth be told about the human rights abuses perpetrated when Joe Clarke was on active service?

Here lies the problem in legacy. Whilst the police and army retained records and their leadership are still accountable for their actions, the IRA has no records accessible to the courts. Indeed, when Martin McGuinness had the option of the telling the truth, he took cover behind an IRA oath.”

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