Varadkar should dial down the rhetoric: Robinson

DUP Deputy Leader Gavin Robinson MP has urged the Irish Prime Minister to dial down his border poll rhetoric and use his influence in Brussels to get arrangements in Northern Ireland that unionists as well as nationalists can support.

By Gavin Robinson Candidate

Belfast East

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Mr Robinson said,

“There is overwhelming support for Northern Ireland remaining an integral part of the United Kingdom. Those who wish to take Northern Ireland out of the United Kingdom, whilst entitled to their views have ignored the reality that Unionists look to a part of the United Kingdom.

Leo Varadkar is playing domestic politics in his own country and must know that a border poll is the last thing Northern Ireland needs, that such a campaign would take the focus off the issues that need advanced and in the end having further harmed relationships would be defeated.

Rather than trying to ratchet up the rhetoric on a border poll, the Taoiseach should recognise that political progress in NI was hard won and is built on the support of unionists and nationalists and spend his time focusing on building better relationships between his country and ours.”

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