Union Flag theft requires leadership

West Tyrone DUP MLA Tom Buchanan has said those who entered private property and removed a Union Flag in Omagh should be investigated by the police and sanctioned by the GAA.

By Tom Buchanan MLA

West Tyrone

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Mr Buchanan said,

“I know the family and I have spoken with them about this incident of hate.

This Union Flag was removed when supporters attending a County GAA match in Omagh yesterday were parking near by. A man entered private property and removed the Union Flag.

This was theft and it will be a matter for the police. But there is also an issue of leadership. The GAA crowd can be heard cheering as the Union Flag is removed. Any supporter found to be involved in this incident should be sanctioned by the Ulster Council. I will be writing to the Ulster Council drawing their attention to the issue. Also if the man who stole the flag was attending the match, what action will be taken against him by the GAA?

As we enter the week of the Coronation, lots of families will display their Union Flags on their property. It is abhorrent that anyone should feel they have a right to enter private property and remove any flag. People have a right to fly whatever flag they wish and should have their right protected and respected by all.

This is also a matter of political leadership as the local nationalist controlled council refuses to fly the Union Flag and respect those ratepayers with a British identity. It is high time Sinn Fein condemned actions such as this but also gave leadership in Councils by allowing the Union Flag to fly in its proper place, after all it is British taxpayers who fund our public services.”

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