TUV focus on undermining unionist negotiating team rather than getting better deal for NI

DUP Deputy Leader Gavin Robinson MP said,

By Gavin Robinson MP

Belfast East

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“It is very clear that the focus of some is not on restoring Northern Ireland’s place within the United Kingdom, but rather on weakening our collective strength as we negotiate with the United Kingdom Government, in the hope that a successful outcome for Northern Ireland and the Union is not secured and that there are no local Ministers and elected representatives exercising powers in Belfast.

Over the course of the last few days a number of TUV members, including some TUV candidates who were rejected by the electorate in the Assembly election, have been witnessed erecting political posters in parts of Northern Ireland designed to attack and smear Northern Ireland’s largest Unionist party. It is notable of course that they have spent a considerable amount of energy attacking and smearing the DUP for an agreement which has not been reached.

Whilst these political posters have no details indicating who has published or printed them, we were aware from last week of them being in production. Jim Allister has stressed how important he believes unionism standing together in opposition to the Protocol has been. Can Jim indicate whether the erection of these posters attacking fellow unionists is an initiative directed and organised by his party or whether individual members of his party are acting unilaterally and without party endorsement?

The DUP will not be intimidated or influenced by such shadowy behaviour from those afraid to identify themselves. We have a massive democratic mandate given to us by people right across Northern Ireland and it is that which gives us strength in our negotiations. Our negotiations with the Government are continuing and whilst progress has been made there remains some further work to be completed. For those who would dismiss the outcome of a process that is still underway, is further proof that their primary goal is to get rid of Stormont and hand all power back under direct rule to the very people who sold us all out!

Not for the first time, the focus of elements of the TUV seems to be on undermining the unionist negotiating team rather than getting a better deal for Northern Ireland. On one level this is not a surprise given how little they have to show for years of crying in the wilderness. The unionist people at each election have got wise to those who they know have a plan for Northern Ireland, combined with the strength to deliver and those whose sole aim is to vote split, divide unionism and hand victory to our political opponents. Their harmful, shadowy and divisive tactics can deliver nothing.”

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