To maximise the pro-union vote, unionists must transfer to each other

DUP Leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson was speaking on Saturday evening in Newbuildings where he reminded those gathered why unionism must stand as one in opposing the NI Protocol.

Mr Donaldson said,

“We have a five-point plan for Northern Ireland, part of it is the removal of the Protocol. Whilst some argue there is no problem, the Protocol is even jeopardising the integrity of our covid testing.

The medicines and medical devices used in Northern Ireland should be nothing to do with the European Union. We should be wholly part of the UK medicines regime.

One of main issues on the doors is the rising cost of living, yet the Protocol blocks the Government extending tax breaks to Northern Ireland which are available in England, Scotland and Wales. Our road haulage sector testify that the Protocol is driving up the cost of bringing goods from GB to NI by 27%.

The shadow of the Protocol is impacting every walk of life.

Whilst Sinn Fein, the SDLP and the Alliance Party want the Protocol “rigorously implemented” we must use this election to send a message that unionism stands united in demanding the Protocol is removed.

Our cause is just. Our case is strong. Our opposition to the Protocol must always be peaceful and democratic.

But to maximise the pro-union vote, unionists must transfer to each other.

In places like Foyle where we are tonight, there is only one unionist seat, yet a failure to transfer could hand that seat to a pro-protocol party.

Make no mistake, Sinn Fein winning this election will send a message to Dublin and Brussels, that its business as usual with the Protocol. Unionists must use their transfers to support other pro-union candidates.”

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