Stunt politics isn't the basis for moving forward

DUP Chief Whip Joanne Bunting said,

By Joanne Bunting MLA

Belfast East

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"The passage of the Protocol Bill through its stages in the House of Commons is a welcome and necessary step on the path to securing the basis for durable devolution.

However the SDLP know well that their stunt politics in attempting to make themselves relevant is not the basis for moving forward. Do they believe that by spending their time attacking both the Westminster Government and Unionist representatives in Parliament that this will build the necessary cross-community consensus to allow us to move forward?

Another recall stunt was predictable, but time would be better spent recognising that without the support of both Unionists and Nationalists then progress cannot be made. By now it ought to be clear to all concerned that only with the problem of the Protocol finally being dealt with will we be able to have the solid basis to restore the political balance in Northern Ireland and allow us to help working families at both Stormont and Westminster."

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