Staying the course – Robinson

The DUP’s Deputy Leader Gavin Robinson has been speaking to Party members and supporters in East Londonderry and called on the parties of “rigorous implementation” to accept they were wrong in refusing to recognise the flaws of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

By Gavin Robinson MP

Belfast East

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Mr Robinson said,

“Whilst the Windsor Framework fell short of meeting our manifesto commitments, progress was made. For two years we warned of the problems but for two years the rigorous implementers dismissed our concerns. We were first told that renegotiating the Protocol was impossible. Then we were told that change could only be advanced from Stormont. These were both myths and have long since been debunked.

It shouldn’t have taken a withdrawal from the Executive to shift the dial, but it was only after decisive action taken by the DUP that negotiations were re-opened and the revised arrangements some people want us to accept were brought forward. We haven’t come this far however to accept something which falls short of what the Prime Minister promised to deliver.

Whilst the rigorous implementers were prostrating themselves for Brussels, we have been looking at the long-term impact on Northern Ireland and ensuring we get arrangements that work for unionists as well as nationalists.

Not a single unionist MLA or Party supported the NI Protocol. Progress can only be made in NI when the process commands the support of unionists as well as nationalists and others. That is what we are now focused on, hopefully others will now join us to deliver that.”

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