Sir Jeffrey – “this is not a time for sticking plasters”

DUP Leader Sir Jeffrey Donaldson MP has noted the Joint Statement from the European Union and the Government but reminded them that the Protocol must be replaced with arrangements that can command the support of unionists and which restore Northern Ireland’s economic and constitutional place within the United Kingdom.

Sir Jeffrey said,

“These are negotiations between the European Union and the UK Government. There is a long road to travel. We have reminded both sides that progress has only ever been achieved in Northern Ireland when supported by both unionists and nationalists.

Far beyond the DUP, it is now accepted the Protocol is unworkable and caused the collapse of the NI Executive. The Protocol must be replaced with arrangements that restore our place in the UK. This is not a time for sticking plasters. It’s time for a serious negotiation which deals with the fundamental problem.

In July 2021, we set out our policy position in advance of talks between the UK Government and the European Union. We published our seven tests and these tests remain the yardstick that we will use to assess any published outcomes or progress reports in the discussions.

I am committed to the restoration of Stormont but such a restoration can only be durable if it is built on solid foundations which are supported by unionists and nationalists.”

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