Sinn Fein's "big priority" is continued instability and division

Foyle MLA Gary Middleton has challenged Sinn Fein on their prioritisation of a border poll above all other issues. Following the latest comments from Mary Lou McDonald he also questioned whether other parties would remain silent about Sinn Fein's skewed priorities.

By Gary Middleton MLA


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The DUP MLA said,

In Mary Lou McDonald's own words, the "big priority" for Sinn Fein is a border poll. This is what we predicted would be the outcome of a victory for republicans. Their focus isn't on tackling the cost of living or ensuring devolution can return, but attempting to ensure instability and divisive politics continues.

That may be precisely why Sinn Fein is so opposed to any effort to resolve the Northern Ireland Protocol. Mary Lou McDonald and her colleagues see their interests furthered in maintaining instability and division rather than finding solutions that can work for everyone.

Perhaps Michelle O'Neill could explain Mary Lou McDonald's latest pronouncement in light of her comments during the election campaign that people weren't waking up thinking about a border poll. Whilst they were not adequately challenged on it then, perhaps there will now be some focus on Sinn Fein's election campaign dishonesty.

The response from other parties to Sinn Fein's continued border poll obsession will also be telling. Will they step forward and challenge republicans to focus on the issues that really matter, or will there be the usual silence from their pro-Protocol allies?

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