Sinn Fein obsession with border poll continues

Responding to comments from Sinn Fein President Mary Lou McDonald in Australia, North Belfast MLA Phillip Brett said,

By Phillip Brett MLA

Belfast North

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"Even on the far side of the world, Sinn Fein remain obsessed with a divisive border poll. Neither Mary Lou McDonald or Michelle O'Neill has yet explained why this ranks above any other priority for them.

The cost of living obviously wasn't a priority for those paying nearly £2,000 for a 'Gold Table' to hear the Sinn Fein President speak in Sydney on this tour. Instead of building consensus, Sinn Fein's only interest is in promoting instability and divisive politics. Will other parties step forward and challenge this obsession, or will there be the usual silence from their pro-Protocol allies?

Recent months have seen significant strengthening of links between the UK and Australia, with the deal to share more than 4 million Covid vaccine doses between the two countries and strengthening partnerships in security and green technology.

Australians will want to focus on issues of real importance to their lives just as the people of Northern Ireland want to get on with resolving the NI Protocol, restoring devolution and then implementing the policies we put forward in our 5-Point plan like fixing the NHS and delivering 30 hours of free childcare for working families."

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