SF in no place to lecture

DUP Upper Bann MLA Jonathan Buckley has said the Protocol is costing NI £850m per year, our medicine supply has been endangered and not one Unionist MLA supports the Protocol therefore it must be dealt with and the covid rule breaking Sinn Fein are the last people to speak about priorities.

By Jonathan Buckley MLA

Upper Bann

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Jonathan Buckley said,

“Michelle O’Neill and Mary Lou McDonald demonstrated their commitment to public health when they ditched the covid rules to attend an IRA man’s funeral with hundreds of others. They are in no place to lecture anyone. Indeed, when Sinn Fein blocked devolution for three years, not one single North-South meeting took place and more importantly the Bengoa hospital reforms gathered dust on the shelf.

The NI Protocol is costing our economy £850m per year. Sinn Fein should speak to those in the road haulage sector to understand the challenges. They should speak to the people who supply our medicines to see how our constituents will have less choice and higher prices for medicines because of the Protocol.

Sinn Fein preached against majority rule but now want to ignore the views every single unionist MLA in Stormont. SF is now the party of hypocrisy. One rule for them and another for the rest of us.”

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