Sammy Wilson – “Biden withdrawal policy is cruel”

The DUP’s East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson will travel to Westminster on Wednesday for the Parliamentary recall on Afghanistan.

By Sammy Wilson MP

East Antrim

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Mr Wilson said,

“My thoughts are today with all those who sacrificed so much to allow the seeds of democracy to grow in Afghanistan. I particularly think of those from these shores who look at an empty chair or live with a life altering wound and then watch the pictures of the Taliban taking over as the Coalition Forces withdraw. My heart breaks for them. They will have understandable questions. They gave so much for the freedom of the Afghan people. But they can take hope from the temporary progress that was made in the last twenty years. Many people in that country have tasted freedom and no Taliban regime can remove those memories.

President Biden’s decision to press ahead with the US withdrawal, essentially forcing all the coalition forces to do likewise, has gifted Afghanistan back to the Taliban’s extremist control. His policy is now exposed as not only deeply flawed but utterly cruel. It has pulled the rug from under tens of thousands of Afghanistan nationals who were loyal to the coalition forces.

The United Kingdom must step up and provide safe refuge for those Afghanistan citizens and their families who helped our armed forces. Many of those people now face persecution or even a cruel death for them and families unless the UK urgently furnishes them with visas. I would support Northern Ireland opening its doors to those Afghan people who helped our armed forces fight for democracy and freedom.

The next challenge for the United Kingdom will be the breeding ground for hate which Afghanistan will now become. President Biden has abandoned the country to the extremism of the Taliban who will spread propaganda against the west. The Taliban now has a base from which they can build resentment for western freedoms and launch their attacks across the world. I will be reminding the Prime Minister of his obligation to act strategically and protect our nation.”

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