Robinson - "NIO’s approach has been patronising towards unionist concerns"

DUP East Belfast MP Gavin Robinson has cautioned the Northern Ireland Secretary of State to remember the core principle of the Belfast and successor Agreements is cross community support.

By Gavin Robinson MP

Belfast East

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Mr Robinson said,

“The NIO’s approach today has been patronising towards unionist concerns and stands in contrast to their approach when Sinn Fein blocked devolved government for three years over the Irish language.

The Government must realise that getting the foundations right, supported by unionists as well as nationalists, rather than personal attacks and blackmail will restore Stormont.

The Secretary of State’s rhetoric for the QUB audience was more akin to a speech by a clueless Irish American congressman rather than a UK Government Cabinet Minister.

This is about taking our time to get it right. We need stable and sustainable devolved government. For those who have forgotten, over the last 25 years, political progress in NI was hard won and is built on the foundation of support from unionists and nationalists. Not one unionist MLA supported the NI Protocol and that was the critical mistake.

There is no solid basis for an Executive and Assembly until we have arrangements that restore NI’s place in the U.K. internal market and our constitutional arrangements are respected.”

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