Remember “1972 - the worst year of The Troubles”

Local DUP political representatives Gregory Campbell MP, Foyle MLA Gary Middleton and Lord Hay joined families and friends of innocent victims in St Columbs Cathedral on Friday evening to remember “1972 - the worst year of The Troubles”.

By Gary Middleton MLA


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Gregory Campbell said ,

“Almost 5,000 people were injured in 1972 with 479 people killed. 130 soldiers were amongst those deaths. For this reason I approached the innocent victims group SEFF to ask that they organise an event to mark this 50 th anniversary year.

It was a bloody, painful and heartbreaking year when the PIRA turned neighbour against neighbour.

As we look back 50 years, we take comfort that the terrorists did not achieve their objective. Terror did not win. We give thanks for the security services who infiltrated the terrorists and crippled their ability. We also remember 50 years on, the sacrifices that so many made in defending our freedom and democracy.”

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