Prosecution decision highlights disparity in legacy investigations: Campbell

East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell has said the decision to prosecute 'Solder F' highlights the disparity in legacy investigations.

By Gregory Campbell Candidate

East Londonderry

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The DUP MP said, "Far from offering closure to the events of 30th January 1972, the Bloody Sunday Inquiry has simply been the springboard for further action against the State.

Just three days before Bloody Sunday, two RUC officers were murdered a matter of yards from where the march was due to take place. There has been no questioning or prosecutions of those involved in those murders.

Even within the events of Bloody Sunday there is a clear disparity. The same inquiry found that Martin McGuinness was probably armed with a sub machine gun on the day yet he wasn't even questioned, let alone prosecuted. That is despite the fact that the very same weapon may have been used to murder David Montgomery and Peter Gilgunn on the Thursday preceding the march. The Inquiry also found that IRA personnel had fired shots on the day yet no prosecutions there either.

During the troubles 90% of deaths were at the hands of terrorist groups yet the constant and disproportionate focus of investigations are on the actions of the state. This latest decision highlights this yet again."

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