Paisley welcomes Lord Frost comments

The DUP’s North Antrim MP Ian Paisley said,

By Ian Paisley Candidate

North Antrim

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"Giving the Churchill lecture in Zurich this week Lord Frost, the former U.K. chief negotiator, has called on the Government to abandon the Protocol, and for his party to make an election pledge that they will no longer implement this failed Protocol.

The strong words are welcome but require action to back them up. With Boris Johnson’s government now agreed to this policy, why wait for a further election to abandon the Protocol? It is costing NI £100k every hour and damaging U.K. relationships.

We have had fine words from Lord Frost in the past and we have had tough talk from the Government but time has long since expired for words. Action is needed. The Government must realise the economic, social and political damage being done by the Protocol and has a responsibility to solve it.

Lord Frost correctly points the finger at Brussels for making the Protocol far worse than it should have been. But knowing that the Government has a responsibility to fix this crisis and analysing the situation correctly, does not fix the problem. The Government must implement a solution.”

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