“Our electorate demand respect and fairness”

DUP Strangford MLA Peter Weir has said time must be now called on Sinn Fein’s campaign of disrespect. Mr Weir said SF were misusing public office to insult their unionist neighbours.

By Lord Weir of Ballyholme Peer

Peter Weir said.

“Friday witnessed the latest insult to our electorate when Sinn Fein tried to exclude the DUP from the Party Leaders’ Forum. Our electorate demands fairness and respect. Not a single unionist Party supports the Protocol. That is no basis for stability.

The political institutions in Northern Ireland were re-established on the basis that they would deliver better outcomes for all of our people. Progress can only be made when unionists and nationalists move forward together with mutual respect.

Instead of building respect, Sinn Fein are misusing public office to wage a premeditated and calculated campaign of intolerance against their neighbours.

Their actions speak for themselves. Be it the planting of a rosebush, the dedication of a tree, attendance at a cross community church service or the illumination of a building, all these simple, yet important acts, were scuppered and snubbed by Sinn Fein.

These acts stand in stark contrast to the important acts of mutual respect which previously helped keep Northern Ireland moving forward. Be that the planting of a tree at Stormont marking the 125th anniversary of the GAA, or welcoming HM The Queen to Northern Ireland as Head of State.

The current leadership of Sinn Fein has no interest in mutual respect or tolerance. This pattern of behaviour cannot continue unchecked or go unchallenged. Time must now be called on Sinn Fein’s disrespect.”

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