NIO priorities misplaced

DUP representatives Diane Dodds MLA and Carla Lockhart MP have said that whilst the Secretary of State remained silent about a threat to vital youth services from his inadequate budget, he has been able to once again take action in relation to regulations on teaching about abortion services. They said this demonstrates where the Government’s priorities lie.

By Diane Dodds MLA

Upper Bann

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Education Spokesperson Diane Dodds said, “The Department of Education is faced with a nearly impossible situation because of cuts imposed by the Secretary of State. Only last week the Permanent Secretary highlighted how proceeding with some of the cuts to youth services would store up even greater long-term issues within areas such as Special Educational Needs.

We have an inadequate budget which does not even meet objective need across a range of vital public services, yet the Secretary of State’s priority is to focus on the RSE curriculum and teach young people about abortion services in Northern Ireland.

There is silence or inaction from the Secretary of State and the Government on a wide range of commitments, with the sole exception of abortion services. It is a clear demonstration of where their priorities lie.”

Upper Bann MP Carla Lockhart said, “We know this Secretary of State is deeply hostile to opinions that are odds with his own, regardless of the legitimacy and widespread support for such opinions. In Northern Ireland there remains a majority opinion against abortion, yet the Secretary of State now wants to promote abortion to children and young people based on his interpretation of ‘scientifically accurate’ education.

The Secretary of State needs to respect the devolution settlement, instead of driving a coach and horses through it.”

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