Middleton – “Divisive Border Poll Still SF’s No.1 Priority”

DUP Foyle MLA Gary Middleton has said Sinn Fein is now showing its true colours when the election is over in demanding more clarity on calling a divisive border poll.

By Gary Middleton MLA


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Mr Middleton said,

“All the votes had not even been counted, and Sinn Fein’s leadership was already calling for a border poll date within five years and now today Sinn Fein is calling for more action on a border poll.

Whilst the DUP is focused on removing the shadow of the Protocol from our politics so we can have stable powersharing and focus on fixing our NHS and delivering 30 hours free childcare, Sinn Fein’s sole focus is on creating more division with a border poll.

We warned about this before the election and our warnings were dismissed as scaremongering. Our warnings have been proven correct.

Northern Ireland is best placed within the United Kingdom. It was our membership of the UK which has given us the unique NHS. It was our membership of the UK which supported our businesses with billions of pounds during the pandemic and safeguarded thousands of jobs. It is our membership of the United Kingdom which is enabling us to play our part in defending democracy in Ukraine.”

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