Middleton condemns removal of Prison Service recruitment posters in Londonderry

Foyle MLA Gary Middleton has condemned those responsible for the removal of Prison Service recruitment posters in Londonderry. The same group also were involved in erecting anti-PSNI posters.

By Gary Middleton MLA


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The DUP MLA said, “We have seen this type of activity over a number of years in Londonderry, including the disruption of PSNI recruitment events in the city. There must be a united and concerted stance against those who believe they can exert their will over the entire community.

The Prison Service is an integral part of our society, helping keep everyone in our community safe. The only people who stand to gain from threats and intimidation against Prison Service staff are those who want to see criminality and gangsterism flourish.

Unfortunately in recent years we have seen the threat faced by both Prison Service and PSNI staff with attacks directly against them. It is vital that we send a clear message from across the community that we value all those who work to keep us safe. These are career paths which should be considered by everyone and we must send out that message clearly.”

A video of those removing the posters can be seen here:


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