Lyons - “divided votes helped SF win”

DUP Director of Elections Gordon Lyons MLA has said whilst the Sinn Fein manifesto claims to “work for all” they are not a normal political party and reminded voters that only last year Sinn Fein claimed the IRA had “no alternative” to murdering and bombing.

By Gordon Lyons MLA

East Antrim

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Mr Lyons said,

“The DUP has a plan for Northern Ireland which will enable the country to move forward together with devolution based on cross community support and stable foundations. In contrast, Sinn Fein's plan is to perpetuate division with their anti-Northern Ireland politics.

No one is fooled with the Republican rebrands and rhetoric. Sinn Fein won the last election because the pro-Northern Ireland vote is divided and pro-union voters witnessed in North Antrim how divided votes, even in a PR election, cost seats and gift victories to non-unionists.

Sinn Fein is not a normal political party. Not only are they taking donations from people linked to some of Europe’s most notorious crime gangs, but they still claim that the IRA had “no alternative” to murdering people.

No amount of rebrands will gloss over the recent history of Sinn Fein's narrow republican politics.”

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