Lords must take opportunity to tackle toxic Legacy Bill

DUP legacy spokesperson, Emma Little-Pengelly today urged members of the House of Lords to take action to tackle and substantially amend the Governments abhorrent legacy legislation.

By Emma Little-Pengelly MLA

Lagan Valley

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Speaking as the legislation reached Committee stage in the House of Lords, she said;

"Victims and survivors groups right across Northern Ireland are unanimously opposed to this toxic legislation which effectively introduces amnesties for the terrible acts of violence and terrorism here.

British justice used to be held up to be a world leader and an exemplar across the globe. This shoddy, disgraceful bill is a shameful and dark mark that cannot be allowed to become law.

The right to justice must remain a core human right, and should continue to be at the centre of British justice. This core principle must be protected at all cost. Most of those killed were honourable and law-abiding citizens, many were killed in protection of law and order in the province.

It is an insult to their memory that the Government has proposed this legislation. I call on every member of the House of Lords to do the right thing and vote to remove all those offensive and hurtful proposals from the bill"

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