Lord Morrow – “Haigh focuses on HMG attacks rather than Protocol problems”

DUP Chairman Lord Morrow has said the Labour Shadow Secretary of State Louise Haigh has failed to grasp how unsustainable the Northern Ireland Protocol really is.

By Lord Morrow of Clogher Valley Peer

Lord Morrow said,

“Labour has decided to join the EU in threats of “serious consequences” if Article 16 is used. Such speak is intemperate and ill-considered. It is most disappointing to see Louise Haigh come to Northern Ireland and engage in partisan and indeed naive political posturing. These issues are far too serious for such ill-judged, headline grabbing sound bites.

Northern Ireland is losing £850m per year because of the Protocol. Medicine companies are indicating they may not supply Northern Ireland. Not a single elected unionist in Northern Ireland supports the Protocol. Rather than cement peace and stability, the Protocol has perpetuated division and has been the source of instability. It is unsustainable.

Whilst the Belfast Agreement enshrined the principle of consent, Northern Ireland has had its constitutional status undermined without even a single vote cast. As argued in court by the Government, the Acts of Union have been undercut. The Labour Party who once stood by the Belfast Agreement, is now more concerned about singing from an EU hymn sheet and poking the Prime Minister than genuinely building a shared future with cross community support.

The Irish Sea Border has cut Northern Ireland off from the rest of the United Kingdom. Trade has been diverted and there has been instability on the streets. The Frost/Sefcovic negotiations seem to be running out of road and Article 16 is a legitimate mechanism within the Protocol to deal with such matters.

The Labour cries of against Article 16 lack wisdom and credibility. The Labour solution seems to be to ignore unionists and sail full steam ahead with the Protocol. Such an approach will lead to failure and have a serious impact on those of us who live here.

Louise Haigh should dial down the rhetoric against Article 16 and publish her plan to remove the Irish Sea border and restore the integrity of the UK single market.”

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