Generosity of UK towards RoI in stark contrast to Protocol restrictions on NI

DUP Peer Lord Dodds has highlighted the difference in attitudes between the UK and the European Union when it comes to the movement of goods and said it further underscores why urgent action is required from the UK Government on the Northern Ireland Protocol.

By The Rt Hon Lord Dodds of Duncairn OBE Peer

He said,

“In a statement today the UK Government has extended free unfettered access for goods moving from the Irish Republic to Great Britain.

Northern Ireland goods are already entitled to those freedoms but it has been extended to the Republic once again.

This is at a time when the EU, urged on by the Dublin government, continues to insist on the Protocol with its restrictions and barriers on goods moving from GB to Northern Ireland.

The Republic is in fact being given preferential treatment, taking away any advantage for our own firms operating within the UK.

This generosity is not being reciprocated by the EU or the Irish Republic.

The government has slipped this out today by way of a written statement to Parliament.

How long are the impacts on the Republic to be cushioned through unilateral action by the UK government while we in Northern Ireland are made to endure the undemocratic Protocol restrictions and checks?

It is another reason why urgent action by the UK government is now required.

Time is of the essence.

Every day that passes does damage to our economy whilst the Irish Republic are able to send goods freely in to the UK without restriction.”

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