Focus on delivering Daithi’s Law not scoring political points

Speaking after today’s recalled sitting of the Assembly, Lagan Valley MLA Paul Givan said,

By Paul Givan MLA

Lagan Valley

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“The passage of Daithi’s Law was a significant moment for the Assembly and it stands as an example where parties were able to find agreement and bring forward legislation that can make a real difference to people’s lives. We want to see the legislation fully enacted and the important thing is achieving that result, rather than attempting to score political points.

The conditions that are necessary to see the restoration of devolution on a sustainable basis have been set forward repeatedly. The Government was given ample time and space to fulfil their commitment on Northern Ireland’s place within the UK internal market. That commitment was key to the restoration of devolution in 2020, but they have failed to do so.

All the main parties called on the Secretary of State to legislate in Parliament to see Daithi’s Law fully enacted. The Secretary of State has a responsibility to do more than use such an important issue as political leverage. Other more controversial issues were legislated for in Parliament and this unifying issue can be resolved similarly.

This could have been included by the Government in the legislation going through Parliament, but they chose not to do so. The test will now be for all those parties who have representatives elected to Parliament what action they will take to support the law being passed.

There is a responsibility not just on the Secretary of State, but on all parties to demonstrate whether their focus is on securing legislative change and delivering for those awaiting organ donations, or whether this issue is just being cynically used by them to score political points.”

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