DUP MPs press MOD for recognition of pre-2015 War Widows

DUP Defence Spokesman, Gavin Robinson and Upper Bann MP Carla Lockhart met with Dr Andrew Murrison MP, Minister for Defence People, Veterans and Service families at the Ministry of Defence today to push again for the recognition of pre 2015 War Widows.

By Gavin Robinson MP

Belfast East

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In 2015, the Cameron lead Government recognised the iniquity of removing a War Widows pension entitlement when they re-married, but left circa 300 War Widows who had remarried prior to 2015 with no redress. Many of the widows affected lost their loved ones in Northern Ireland.

Speaking in Whitehall following the meeting, Gavin Robinson said;

“The moral case for sustaining War Widows pension entitlement was won in 2015. That someone remarries makes no impact on the loss they suffered or the pain they endured. Since I joined the Defence Committee in 2016, righting this wrong has been an ongoing and at times, frustrating campaign.

We were grateful that the Minister not only met with us but indicated that a solution now rests with Treasury. Whilst Government may have been slow to finally provide the right outcome, it has not diminished our resolve. We will continue to work with the War Widows Association and support their campaign to ensure the loss these widows endured is morally and appropriately recognised.”

Carla Lockhart MP added:

“There are scores of widows from Northern Ireland and others who lost their spouses in Northern Ireland affected by Governments inaction. Having remarried and lost their pension entitlement, it is beyond bizarre that if they divorced today and remarried the very same person tomorrow, their Widows pension would be reinstated. That’s how outrageous and unsustainable the position is.”

They concluded:

“The campaign continues and we won’t settle for anything less than the right outcome.”

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