Did Mary Lou get it wrong on RIC?

DUP South Down MLA Diane Forsythe has said Sinn Fein’s stance on South Armagh IRA is very different to its approach to remembering the Royal Irish Constabulary centenary a few years ago.

By Diane Forsythe Candidate

South Down

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Ms Forsythe said,

“Sinn Fein is not a normal political party and the continual hat-tipping to the IRA is further proof. The Sinn Fein leadership needs to explain what has changed since January 2020. John Finucane told the South Armagh IRA event yesterday that;

“For just as truth and justice applies equally to everyone, so too does the right to remember, and the right to commemorate.”

Yet, it’s not long ago since Sinn Fein was causing uproar because the Irish government had even considered marking the centenary of the Royal Irish Constabulary. Indeed, Mary Lou McDonald described the proposed event as a “calculated insult”.

This approach seems to be out of step with John Finucane’s speech at the South Armagh IRA commemoration. Why would commemorating the RIC be insulting for Mary Lou McDonald but commemorating the IRA not be insulting to IRA victims? Is John Finucane saying Mary Lou got it wrong about commemorating the Royal Irish Constabulary?

No one has a right to re-write history but it seems Sinn Fein wants to decide who can commemorate and who can’t yet with little to no thought for the innocent IRA victims.”

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