Coveney’s ‘Twitter diplomacy’ neither needed or helpful

East Antrim MP Sammy Wilson has said comments from Simon Coveney are ‘Twitter diplomacy’ that is neither needed or helpful. He called on the Irish Foreign Minister to get off Twitter and start to engage in the real world.

By Sammy Wilson MP

East Antrim

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The DUP MP said,

"The Protocol Bill is the only framework that currently exists to solve the problems we face, given over 300 hours of negotiations with the EU have produced nothing. As Maros Sefcovic also recently reminded Mr Coveney just a few weeks ago the EU is clear there will be “no renegotiation” of the Protocol.

Simon Coveney displays no understanding of, and absolutely no care for, the fact that no unionist supports the Protocol. Perhaps his outrage at attempts to resolve problems are borne from the fact the Protocol was designed to divert Northern Ireland trade away from our largest market in Great Britain to the benefit of his own country.

This approach is in the same vein as his colleague Leo Varadkar distributing news articles about bombed checkpoints with the clear inference that violence would ensue unless the EU followed their political approach. Inputs such as that, and this attempt at ‘Twitter diplomacy’ are neither helpful or needed.

Perhaps Mr Coveney should get off Twitter and start to engage in the real world where progress isn’t made through petty and churlish behaviour.”

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