Child waiting time figures send a worrying message about how we value our young people

DUP Health Spokesperson Pam Cameron has said that figures confirming that 24 children in Northern Ireland with confirmed or suspected cancers had to wait for over a year for a first appointment sends out a worrying message about how we value our future generations of young people.

By Pam Cameron MLA

South Antrim

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Commenting, the Vice Chair of the Assembly's Health Committee said, "These figures have rightly been described as "terrifying" with their consequences having a "profound impact on a child's health outcomes, emotional and mental well-being". The report is very appropriately titled "More than just a number". Behind every statistic lies a child and their family or carers. They all deserve much better.

That suspected child cancer cases are not being addressed for over a year is a travesty. What message does this send about how we value our future generations of young people?

The report also makes 17 key recommendations which the Department of Health must take under consideration urgently. One of the foremost recommendations is the call for a full review of Child health services. This cannot happen soon enough.

There must be a distinct, targeted and sustained focus on the current barriers to waiting lists affecting children’s lives. This report is another stark reminder of the task that lies ahead."

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