Buchanan – Alliance MLAs veto Stormont lighting for Israel

DUP Mid Ulster MLA Keith Buchanan has called on the Alliance Party to explain why when Paris was under terrorist attack, they called for civic buildings to be lit in the French colours but opposed the lighting of Stormont to mark the terrorist attack against Israel.

By Keith Buchanan MLA

Mid Ulster

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Mr Buchanan said,

“My constituent had submitted a request to the Assembly Commission for Parliament Buildings to be lit in solidarity with Israel following the terrorist attack on 7 October. He received a reply on Thursday night (19 October) stating that the Commission will not being lighting up the building.

In the absence of Sinn Fein and the SDLP sitting on the Commission, it is now clear that the Alliance Party vetoed Parliament Buildings being lit in solidarity with Israel. The Alliance party must address the simple question, why when Paris was under terrorist attack did Alliance light up civic buildings and say, “it is important we show solidarity by sending a message we are not afraid of those who carried it out?”

Why is the Alliance Party prepared to use the lighting of buildings to oppose terrorism in Paris but not in Israel? This was an horrific terrorist attack against innocent men, women and children. It was grotesque and evil.

Hamas wants to wipe out the Jewish people. There is little point in annually posting “never again” hashtags but, when in 2023, there is an attempt to wipe out Jewish people at a music concert and in their homes, being hesitant. The Alliance Party talks about being ‘for all’ but it seems not for the people of Israel.

The actions of Hamas have placed innocent Palestinians in harm’s way as Israel defends itself and we urge Israel to use all reasonable measures to avoid civilian casualties as they respond to these acts of terrorism, but Parliament Buildings should stand in opposition to the terrorist attacks on 7 October 2023 as per buildings across the world.”

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