Backwards move to bring abortion into classrooms – Lockhart

Speaking after a vote in Westminster on NIO proposals to introduce abortion promoting RSE into schools, the DUP’s Upper Bann MP Carla Lockhart said this would be a backward move for Northern Ireland.

By Carla Lockhart Candidate

Upper Bann

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Carla Lockhart said:

“Northern Ireland has the most liberal abortion laws in these islands where babies can be aborted up to full term if they have a disability.

Such a frivolous approach to the life of an unborn baby sends a shiver down most spines. Northern Ireland used to be safest place in these islands for an unborn disabled child but now it is the most dangerous place.

For Northern Ireland’s abortion laws to be indoctrinated into children as acceptable will store up huge problems for the future.

Both lives always matter. Northern Ireland needs more life affirming laws rather than more abortion ideology pushed towards our children.”

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