A day for 'expressing our faith, our culture and our heritage' - Robinson

Speaking ahead of the Twelfth of July celebrations, DUP Leader Gavin Robinson MP said:

By Gavin Robinson MP

Belfast East

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“The Twelfth of July demonstrations across Northern Ireland bring hundreds of thousands of people together to remember the Glorious Revolution of 1688, which enshrined the fundamental principles we continue to enjoy, of civil and religious liberty for all.

As a young boy growing up in East Belfast, I recall ‘The Twelfth’ being a day greatly anticipated. I was captivated by the colour, the music and pageantry of the day.

Now, it is my turn to bring my family together for ‘The Twelfth’. These traditions, that span the generations, are intrinsic to who we are. It is about publicly expressing our faith, our culture, our heritage. It is about celebrating, respectfully, our identity. In an increasingly diverse Northern Ireland, it is important that the Orange culture is celebrated positively, and afforded respect by all as we build a truly shared, tolerant society.

As the leader of Unionism, I will work across Government in London and Stormont, as well as local Council, to ensure this cultural celebration is supported and its potential harnessed for Northern Ireland.

I wish all those taking part in or attending parades across Northern Ireland tomorrow, and indeed on Saturday at Scarva, a very enjoyable day. And for those unable to attend a demonstration, we are thankful that once again GB News will be broadcasting from the Twelfth, this time from Carrickfergus, in addition to some wonderful coverage of how the Glorious Revolution legacy impacted across the world.”

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