11 more years of delay for York Street Interchange

Chair of the Assembly’s Infrastructure Committee Deborah Erskine has said the indication that it will be at least 11 years before the York Street Interchange project would be completed raises significant questions about both the will and the ability to deliver major infrastructure projects in Northern Ireland.

By Deborah Erskine MLA

Fermanagh & South Tyrone

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The DUP MLA said, “Seventeen years after this scheme was first commissioned, we are now told it will be a minimum of 11 more years before it could be in place. York Street is probably the most significant road junction in Northern Ireland, affecting traffic at the end of our two main motorways and to the Port of Belfast.

Every tailback on the Westlink causes frustration and costs people their time, but they have an economic impact for businesses held up in the delays also.

The DUP secured £400million in the Confidence and Supply agreement for the York Street Interchange and other infrastructure projects, but there has been a lack of impetus from successive Ministers to move it forward. Combined with repeated legal challenges it raises real questions about our ability to deliver such regionally important projects.

Years have been wasted on this project and the Minister now needs to set out a clear plan as to how he intends to proceed. There has rightly been a focus on other significant road projects, but the York Street Interchange is of equal importance, and shouldn’t be pushed to the bottom of the pile yet again.”

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