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Northern Ireland has established itself at the cutting edge of justice innovation in the UK. Further reform we envisage includes:

  • Increased use of Enhanced Combination Orders.
  • Further expansion of problem-solving courts to help reduce reoffending and reduce the longterm burden on the taxpayer.
  • Greater use of Supervised Activity Orders.
  • Examining the impact of Community Payback Orders in Scotland. Two and a half decades on from the ceasefires, Northern Ireland and particularly some of its urban communities have not felt the peace they deserve. Too many remain within the grip of illegal paramilitary organisations and crime gangs. As an indication, approximately 1,000 people are still under threat and there have been examples of suicides amongst individuals under intimidation. The Paramilitary Crime Task Force comprising expertise from PSNI, HMRC and the National Crime Agency offers significant potential for advances.

The DUP supports:

  • The efforts being pursued through the Tackling Paramilitarism programme.
  • Intensifying the positive work by agencies such as the Education Authority in youth outreach to engage those at risk of joining illegal organisations or entering crime.
  • Mentoring of young men.
  • Recovered assets being ploughed back into local communities which have borne the brunt of the criminality of particular individuals and groups.
  • Criminal Finances Act extension to Northern Ireland to enhance the tools available to address unexplained wealth.
  • Visible policing which is important in community confidence, particularly in parallel with actions of the Tackling Paramilitarism programme.
  • Ceasing giving a profile to prominent criminal figures, including through agencies consulting them to obtain the views of some communities.
  • Addressing the harm caused by commemorations of, and parades associated with, paramilitary activity serving to legitimise ongoing terrorist activity.

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