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Northern Ireland students continually excel, with 30% of A-Level passes in August 2019 achieving A or A* grades, outperforming counterparts across the rest of the UK. Grades in Northern Ireland have continued to improve at a time when results have fallen elsewhere and the number with qualifications has also grown.

Our children are the next generation and the DUP is committed to improving our education system in Northern Ireland.

  • The DUP have delivered over £500 million through the Confidence and Supply Agreement, which has benefited the following:
  • 39,000 children through
  • 38 Sure Start projects.
  • 40,000 supported by Literacy and Numeracy projects.
  • 5,600 children through the Early Years Pathway Fund, at risk of not reaching their full potential.
  • £8 million for schools across Northern Ireland, safeguarding the Extended Schools projects for 473 schools.
  • £1.3 million for nurture provision, with a number of schools receiving £70,000 per annum to support ongoing programmes.

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