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Assembly Election Manifesto 2022

We all know Northern Ireland is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

But it can be even better. We have a bright future to look forward to, because those who came before us believed in Northern Ireland and in the Union.

Northern Ireland’s strong place in the Union has created jobs, improved our standard of living and given us the NHS.

Over the last five years, with your support, the DUP has fought for and delivered more for health services, greater investment in infrastructure, more jobs and education.

As we come out of COVID, and post Brexit there is much to be done to ensure, as a people, we come through stronger, more prosperous and more unified.

In this election campaign the DUP has launched a five-point plan to build a better future for Northern Ireland within the Union, by fixing our National Health Service and investing £1 billion more in it, growing our economy and creating 20,000 jobs in the next 5 years, helping working families by delivering 30 hours free childcare per week and tackling the cost of living crisis, keeping our schools world-class, and working to remove the Irish Sea border.

Sinn Fein wants to win this election to implement their long-held plan for a border poll.

If Sinn Fein wins the most seats on Thursday 5th May, they will push for a border poll, which means Northern Ireland will face months and years of arguing and fighting, rather than fixing our health service and focusing on rebuilding and growing our economy.

Now is not the time for more division and uncertainty.

That is why this election is so important.

Your vote will decide whether Northern Ireland’s future is one focused on fixing our health system, tackling the cost of living crisis and replacing the Protocol or focused on a divisive Border Poll.

The DUP is the only party that can stop Sinn Fein’s border poll plans.

A first preference vote for any party other than the DUP will not unite and strengthen the unionist cause, but will help Sinn Fein deliver their border poll plan.

On May 5th your vote will make the difference. Let’s work together and focus on the issues that matter to all of us.

Support your local DUP candidates and then transfer to other Pro-Union candidates.

Let’s work together to focus on the issues that matter to you and help me move Northern Ireland in the right direction.


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