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Our vision for unionism is a simple, positive and modern one.

We believe in Northern Ireland and its people.

We believe that Northern Ireland is best served by being part of the United Kingdom and that our four nations of the UK are together stronger than their constituent parts.

In support of that Union, we want to build a better Northern Ireland, not just for those who share our unionism, but for all our people.

We want to build the broadest coalition of support for that vision from right across the community.

A coalition which includes those of us whose support for the Union is based on a cultural, social and historic affinity with Great Britain and those whose support is grounded more in reason and realism of what is in the best interests for them and their families.

Unionism should have no barriers to entry beyond a belief that Northern Ireland is best served as a part of the UK.

While we celebrate the past and our many achievements, our unionism does not hanker on returning back to a bygone age but forward to a new era.

It is defined by what we are for, not what we are against. And it is not limited to the boundaries of Northern Ireland but includes the whole of our United Kingdom.

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