Wrecking Ball approach by TUV

Speaking today (Monday) East Londonderry Democratic Unionist Party Member of Parliament Gregory Campbell said,

By Gregory Campbell MP

East Londonderry

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“On the basis of a range of recent election results no Reform or TUV candidate can realistically win. Yet they arrogantly describe fellow Unionists as not being unionists. This is Alice in Wonderland language where words will mean what they want them to mean.

Their wrecking and splitting approach will be music to the ears of those who want to see fewer Unionist MPs elected to Westminster.

This approach to “strengthening the Union” from the TUV is to weaken and divide unionism and in effect do the job of those who want to ensure a weaker and divided unionism is delivered.

Unionists across Northern Ireland are wiser to the nonsense being talked by some who themselves not so long ago voted for the Protocol in the European Parliament.”

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